Biography : About Philip Martins, Photographer

Completely self taught and possessing a raw natural talent in fine art photography, Philip has developed his own distinctive photographic style.

Philip's Limited Edition Signature Series Prints are the end result of thousands of hours travelling the globe in search of unique images of extraordinary people, stunning landscapes and colourful cultures.

Beautifully captured in both vibrant colour and timeless black and white, these images are then transformed into stunning visual displays that capture the viewer's imagination and take them on their own personal journey.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Philip is an affiliate member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. He takes several field trips a year, both in Australia and overseas, as part of his never-ending quest to capture perfect images. When not on a travel assignment, Philip runs successful wedding, natural lighting portrait and commercial photography agency.

His passion for photography is matched by his determination to take only the very best photographs, and this passion applies equally to all his photographic assignments.

Philip Martins, Photographer

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